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  • Model NO.:Q50
  • 1.SOS Button for help:In case of emergency,The child can send help message to the Guardian by calls.
  • 2.Dual positioning:GPS Satellite and base station dual monitor positioning to realize all real-time position tracking whole days.
  • 3.Intelligent power saving:GPS mode to save power.
    4.Remote monitoring:Build-in high sensitive microphone,Guardian can listen the sounds around your children by take actions on the App in your phone.
  • 5.Two way conversation:Users can communicate each other,The Q50 can bind four adults number.When in an emergency,Press the SOS,It will dial the preset number in wheel,and stop if connected.
  • 6.Electronic fence:Adult can set safe activity province for your child,Once out off the range,The Q50 will inform you.
  • 7.History trace:Can trace your history position within recently 3 months
  • 8.GSM four frequency system:850/900/1800/1900Mhz
  • 9.Time/Date display:Adjust itself by GPS
  • 10.Pedometer:can record the step count of the user.


Q50 children GPS smart watch SOS for Child watch mobile phone

fashion kids wristband watch

Model Q50
GSM Frequency band 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
GSM,GPS MTK 6261 UBX7020
GPRS Class 12,TCP IP Build in GSM module
GPS currency -159 dbm
GPS Positioning currency 10 meters(2D RM)
GSM Positioning currency 50-100 meters
Speed currency 0.1m/s
Max Altitude 18000m
Battery capacity 3.7v 320mA
Size 45mm(L)*32mm(W)*13mm(H)
Net Weight 35.1g
Working Temperature -20-70 degrees
Humidity 20%-80%RH

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